Mobile rocket launchers are too fast and to help the other side the commander in this clip helpfully drops a resupply crate on top of it to slow it down. I've seen a resupply crate land on a soldier and kill him before but I've never seen it land on the mobile rocket launcher.

There are two buttons on Rogue Transmission that needs to be pressed at the same time to activate the hidden extra on this map. One is near the A flag on top of the crane (near the winch) and the other is near the E flag and a little hard to find. This video shows where that second button is.

It's important to know what is occurring on the battlefield to avoid getting run over my huge slow moving ships. The pilot in this clips clearly didn't get that memo.

Ross's first time

28 January 2014 YouTube TBA BF4

Ross is new to PC gaming and his leader and mentor, Bossreaper takes him under his wing to show him the ropes.